Causes And Effects Of Custom-Made Technology On Human Health

Custom- made is a new word that is used for things that are artificial. It explains the products that are made in a factory and made by man.  The term technology depicts the method, system and devices which are the result of scientific knowledge. Technology is changing fast. Computer and internet are the human-made technologies. The term” bespoke” comes from England and it refers to the tailor-made garments. However, this term has been applied for information technology (IT). Custom- made technology has a much negative and positive effect on human health. If you are unable to write an academic paper about custom-made technology, then you can get help from the experts’ writers of coursework writing services. Let us discuss the causes and effects of custom-made technology on human health.

Effects of custom-made technology on human health
Failing memory: Custom-made technology has crept every corner of our lives.  At a time, you can use your cell phone such as talking with a friend and writing text and watching television.  All this work will be called multitasking work. Multitasked also looks longer to switch tasks, juggle problems and time waste. It is very stressful work and can affect human memory.  It is the cause of memory failing.
Sleep deprivation and Screen strain:  Every person needs 8 hours sleep each day. Without proper sleep, a person can lose his or her memory.  It is the main cause of emotional instability.  Phones and social media sites prevent teens from solitude and setting alone.  They have no time for their parents.  It can affect the lives of young people who are suffering in the depression of solitude. Staring at a screen for too long can affect our sights. It is the main cause to become blurry and dry out our eyes. It is the main cause that we often feel a headache. You should fix a time in order to become healthy. Technology can ruin our physical and mental health. You should take proper sleep in order to stay healthy and young.
Causes of custom-made technology on human health
Cause of cancer:  According to modern research, cell phones are the cause of cancer. It can damage our brains. If you are using your cell phone 24 hours, it can damage your brain. This habit is very harmful to human health.
Cause of heart attack: It is the cause of heart attack. It is good that people started thinking about the fact. Technology has an adverse effect on mental health.  If you are sleeping and mobile vibrates, it is the cause of heart attack.
Anxiety and depression: Custom-made technology is the cause of anxiety and depression. Viewing other social profile is the main cause that can affect our moods. Social media has become strong and it is the main cause that can affect human health. Most people feel depression and anxiety in their routine life, because, they are unable to manage their cell phones.  We can assert that custom-made technology is very harmful to human health.

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