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How Students Can Grow Teacher-Student Relationship?

These days the student-teacher relations are not what they used to be in the past. While in the past, the teacher was regarded as the final authority, and students had to listen to the teacher whether they liked it or not, things are no longer the same. Students think themselves more aware and capable, thanks to Google, and they believe that they can do everything and move forward academically, even without the teacher. This is wrong and many have also suffered due to this silly notion but many continue to think that they know everything despite knowing nothing at all. According to an assignment writing service , the most important thing for students to do during their academic years is to develop a strong and healthy teacher-student relationship that helps them move forward in the right direction. With a respectful and trusting relationship, students can look forward to getting extra attention and care from teachers that would benefit them immensely in the long run. When teachers know