Online Tools That Can Help You to Analyze Your Writing

Online Tools to Analyze Writing
Beginner writers face difficulty in writing a perfect piece of paper. As they are in the learning phase their work mostly contains common mistakes. But the good thing is that in this era of advancement and technology there are a variety of online tools available to help beginner writers to make their work perfect and error free. There are numerous helping tools that can help you to improve your writing skills. Here is the list by dissertation writing services about few highly recommended tools for beginner writers to improve their writing.

Daily Page: If you are new and are not in a habit of writing on a daily or regular basis then this is the most useful tool for you to rely on. This website daily sends an email in the morning for writing prompt. What you have to do is write a response for this prompt and it’s upon you to either send it or keep private. This helps you develop a habit of writing on a daily basis.

750 Words: This tool is helpful for those individuals who don’t write due to the reason that they don’t have anything in mind to write about. This tool is like a game. You just have to write whatever you have on your mind. It can be anything or any topic. This tool has word count to make sure you write 750 words. When you write anything you get one point when you complete 750 words you get two points. So this point rewarding motivates you to keep writing. You have a private account on this website so whatever your write is private.

MindMup: Sometimes you are not able to write productively because you are not able to put your thoughts together. In such cases MindMup is very useful. It is basically a tool for mind-mapping that mind map all your thoughts and ideas. When you have all your ideas in one place you can easily figure out in what way you write your paper. It helps to organize your ideas and is more effective and easier than traditional outlining methods.

Swipe File: Sometimes you don’t have inspiration or ideas to start writing and it takes a lot of time to get the most relevant idea. What most of the writers do is save most of the pictures, advertisement, contents, review, emails and other cool stuff that they like or think are good sources of writing. For instance you were just searching for some good books to order online and come across many good new websites for online ordering books. You just thought that you must write about these websites as they are very good or helping, so you save their links. But keeping all these saved links, photos, videos and text at one place is time taking. But it is very easy with a Swipe file. It helps you to take a screenshot of anything you like and placing that screenshot in your swipe folder. If you are using a PC you have to press Ctrl + Shift + 4 and if you are a Mac user then press Command + Shift + 4 to take a screenshot. If you want to keep a digital file then you have to keep all your screenshots a swipe folder on your PC or Mac and if you like to have a hard copy of it you can print out the screenshot and keep it in file. So whenever in the future you need inspiration or ideas you can go through these saved items.

Hemingway: This app gives a review about your writing skills by showing the number of words, readability, indicating spelling and grammar mistakes, punctuation errors and text formatting. It also helps to add HTML and Markdown tags for creating web content. It also creates color coding. This is a very simple, affordable, and user friendly app. The user just has to upload a .docs file or copy paste its text for analyzing.

ProWritingAid: This tool also analyzes your report and it would be better to say that it is all in one tool. It not only highlights the errors and mistakes but also shows the plagiarism. It indicates the overused words, length of sentence, missing essentials, and readability. Unlike most tools its free version can evaluate 3000 words at one time. And if you want to use it on a regular basis it just costs $40 per year for its premium version.


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