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Write a marketing business plan on real investment by adopting the “Business Models Canvas Methodology”

Coming up with a marketing business plan on real investment is no easy task and if you are a student who has been asked to do so by a teacher, you must understand its purpose and how it will showcase your ability to write as well as analyze. Marketing business plans are all about working with facts and figures and understanding how things move in the finance world and what steps to take that increase revenues and get more returns on investment.   Real investment is no game as lots of money depends on it and markets are running high on this. Thus, when working on coming up with a marketing plan on real investment, you must study the market and discuss the trends with teacher before you move forward. One way to handle this idea is by adopting business model canvas methodology. This is one way of planning and understanding how things need to do be. Business model canvas is a strategic management and lean startup template that offers new businesses a chance to develop new or even ol